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mel and joe's show at amoca - better late than never?

updated fri 20 may 05


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on wed 18 may 05

I was lucky enough to be in Southern CA this past weekend and able to go to=20
the opening of Mel and Joe=E2=80=99s show. I recognized Mel from his web pag=
e and=20
introduced myself. He generously/graciously showed me the ancient pot that J=
first sent to him to look at and gave me a brief tour.=20

The glazes are amazing =E2=80=93 so much more than pictures can tell. And th=
ere were=20
many pots that we could touch (fondle) and examine up close and personal. It=
was really inspiring. It was a neat way to spend my birthday. My only regret=
that I didn=E2=80=99t meet other clayarters like as Bamboo Karen and Terry w=
ho have=20
written about the show. Oh, well, since I will soon live in Redondo Beach, C=
again, perhaps I will have the opportunity to meet them one of these days.

Back in Filthadelphia to attend graduation and pack
All right, so I still have to finish my honors project as well.
Soon to be on the road again =E2=80=93 to go from California Dreaming to Cal=
Here I come
It=E2=80=99s been an interesting year