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another workshop story

updated fri 20 may 05


Weiland, Jeff on thu 19 may 05

Here is another workshop story for you. I remember it well just because
of the little surprise in store for us. The year and date I don't
remember except that it was in the early 80's and was held at The
Brickyard in Indy. As I recall the potters leading the workshop were
from the Penland area and the name I remember is Jon Ellenbogen. Not
exactly sure on that. The studio was the Barking Spider Pottery.
Anyway, we had a morning session and then broke for lunch. When we came
back together, the wheel had been cleaned and work area made ready for
some porcelain work. We saw the wedging, and heard a monologue about the
purity of porcelain and how much a potter relates to his work. The
purity thing was hit really hard and then, with his finger, he took a
big hunk of porcelain and stuffed it in his mouth. Jaws dropped!! Then
out of another room comes a large tray of bagels. He had been throwing
with cream cheese!!! He did actually make a couple of vessels with the
stuff. It was a great laugh and some good eats!!! Made a great memory
that is still floating around in my head.

Jeff Weiland
Greenfield-Central High School
810 North Broadway
Greenfield, Indiana 46140