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yearbook photos

updated tue 9 aug 05


Gail Phillips on tue 17 may 05

Hi, Everybody!

I have added another ten photos to the yearbook today. If you still want to
send me your picture, go ahead! I can add it at any time.

Gail Phillips, Praying Mantis Pottery dot com

"Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting." - John Russell

Gail Phillips on sun 7 aug 05

It's time, once again, for me to beg for more head shot photos for the
Clayart Yearbook. All you newbies, if you would be so kind as to send me a
picture of a reasonable resolution, depicting you (head and shoulders type
picture), I will add you to the yearbook. Everybody else who hasn't sent one
yet, too.


- Gail

"Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting." - John Russell

"I am moving to Oblivia." - Terry McClain, Greenwood, IN

Craig Clark on mon 8 aug 05

Gail, I just went out to the yearbook for only the second time and found
myself saying over and over again, with a broad grin on my face, ...this
is so COOL!!! this is WOnderful!!!! Thankyou Gail, Thankyou!!!" The mug
shots are fantastic!!!! It is so nice to be able to see the members of
the grater clayart community.
Thankyou again,
Craig Dunn CLark
619 East 11 1/2 st
Houston, Texas 77008