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the book: art & fear - in another context

updated thu 12 may 05


Jeremy/Bonnie Hellman on wed 11 may 05

I was reading last month's issue of "The Investment Advisor" ( monthly
publication for investment advisors), and when I read the Larry Chambers
column entitled Finding the Missing Piece, with the subtitle "To figure out
which marketing effort is working, you have to be able to measure its
effect" the third paragraph says "the best book on marketing wasn't in the
business section of the bookstore at all. Rather it's a short book called
Art & Fear, Observations on the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking, by David
Bayles and Ted Orland (Continuum Press, 2001).

This column goes on to discuss the example in the book with a ceramics class
where half the class is told they will be graded strictly on the volume of
work they produce, with 50 pounds of pots equaling A, etc. The other half of
the class will be judged on quality with only 1 perfect pot necessary to get
an A.

What happened was that the quantity half of the class that just kept making
pots without agonizing about quality, ended up making the better quality
pots, simply because they practiced.

This 2 page article

is worth the read, but it really caught my attention because of the
reference to a book periodically mentioned and recommended on clayart.

And marketing is always a subject of interest to ceramic artists who want to
sell their work.