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re; underglazes/lowfire/cracking

updated sun 15 may 05


Scott Bennett on sat 14 may 05

I've been working in this temperature range now for a number of years,
sometimes using underglazes to achieve desired effects. I've never once
experienced the cracking you describe, but this medium always has it's surprises. I
always apply underglazes to greenware because I've experienced on occasion
shivering of glaze when I've applied them to bisque. I assume due to the fact that
underglazes are clay based and do shrink some and therefore may not adhere
as well. I have applied them to bisque with success, but it only takes one
experience of shivering to make me gun shy. You should let the coats dry
completely before applying another one, over-saturating greenware could cause
cracking. In case you don't know already, there is now a full palette of
underglazes for bisque available commercially. You might want to explore that realm as

scott bennett