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potter's tool

updated mon 16 may 05


Kate Johnson on sun 15 may 05

Hi all...I honestly can't remember if we've mentioned this as a potter's
tool or not, but since I've misplaced metal rib #452, I needed to trim the
edges of my handbuilt bowl today and voila! The carrot/veggie peeler in my
dish drainer looked like it just might work. Not only DID it, but it did a
great (er, grate?)'s very sharp, and the way it's constructed it's
very controllable and uniform. Neatest edge I ever trimmed...

Mind you we're talking handbuilt. This isn't how I trim when I'm

Been working hard here, making progress, experimenting more with my usual
goal of capturing the feel of the past, getting a handle on a few things,
keeping nose to grindstone, mostly, and NOT SCARED to say what I think OR
lurking, just too busy.

And bravo, Kelly! Mostly right on the money! Speak up, folks, we have met
the Clayart and he are us, to mangle Pogo entirely...

Kate Johnson

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