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using/cleaning/storing respirators

updated sat 7 may 05


william schran on fri 6 may 05

With the recent thread of storing respirators, I think it's important
that folks know the proper way to fit, clean and store what they wear
to protect themselves.

I always conduct a quick fit test anytime I put on my respirator. I
won't go into how, because one can find that with the instructions
that came with the unit.

After using the respirator, it's usually somewhat wet from moist air
coming out of my lungs/mouth and some sweat. I wipe out the moisture
with a tissue, then allow the respirator to dry for a while.
Afterwards I wipe out the interior of the unit with a 1% solution of
bleach with water. Allow this to dry, then it is stored in a
"zippered" plastic container.