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salvador dali exhibit in philadelphia

updated sat 7 may 05


Eric Suchman on thu 5 may 05

My wife and I saw his museum in Paris this past March and was awestruck at
how accomplished an artist he was. He seems to be most known for his dorm
room poster sort of stuff. He was oh so much more than that. His
sculpture and line drawings were beautiful. His growth over his life time
was magnificent. By comparison, we also visited the Picasso museum while we
were there and to be quite frank he did very similar work over his entire
life. His sculptures were of my favorites...not his paintings. As genius
as they were for the time there lies a boredom in them.....a predictability.
Thats my 2cents at the moment.
Eric in Oceanside

> From: Andrew Lubow
> Reply-To: Clayart
> Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 17:17:41 -0400
> Subject: Saliidor Dali Exhibit in Philadelphia
> I'm curious if anyone went to the Salvidor Dali Exhibit in Philadelphia and
> had anything to say about the show??
> Andy Lubow
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