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chinese clay art newsletter may 2005

updated fri 6 may 05


Guangzhen Zhou on thu 5 may 05

CHINESE CLAYART, May 2005, Vol. 43.
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Yixing Conference Update, Opportunities, New Clay Tools.
"CHINESE CLAYART" is a newsletter emailed bi-monthly to professional
artists, curators, collectors, writers, experts, educators and students in
the ceramic field, who want to know about ceramic art in China and things
related. This newsletter will be a bridge between China and Western
countries for the ceramic arts. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
(Copyright 2005, the Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA. All rights
The Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA
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Tel. 800-689-2529, Fax. 408-777-8321
Chief Editor: Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
English Editor: Deborah Bouchette
Information Update on the Conference in Yixing 2005
The Yixing conference is coming! There will be over 100 participants from
the US, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Europe, along with Chinese artists and
educators from all over the nation.

Over 50 of the participants will be from the US. Among them are ceramic
artists, professors, educators, historians, and students, including two
school groups: one lead by Professor Tony Huntley from Saddleback College,
California, and other one lead by Professor Bob Dixon from the University of
Illinois at Springfield. Mr. Richard Notkin, the well-known artist and
co-chairman of the conference, helped plan the details for the lectures and
panel discussion. Jason Walker, James Lawton, David Furman, Susan Beiner,
Sergei Isupov (Estonia), John Neely, Harris Deller, and Bob Dixon received
special invitations for slides presentations during the conference. The last
time that Richard Notkin and Guangzhen Zhou worked together for the ceramic
conference in Yixing was in 2001. Also, many of the participants have been
in China and six of them have traveled with Zhou. They are: Richard Notkin,
Barbara Brown, Sandy Kinzie, Karyn Murphy, Tony Huntley, and Bob Dixon.

Especially invited by the Yixing government are Ms. Elaine Henry, the former
chairman of NCECA; Mr. Don McCance, the secretary of NCECA; Mr. Tony Franks,
the present of IAC; and Ms. Janet Mansfield, the vice-chairman of IAC. All
will be presenting at the Yixing Ceramic Conference.

This will be a great ceramic art event not only for China, but for the whole
ceramic family of the world. We would like to thank everyone who is
participating and has supported this event.
Qian-Shu Dragon Kiln
Located three kilometers southeast of Ding-Shu Town, Yixing, Jiangsu
Province, the kiln is large, with a length of 45 meters, width of 2.3
meters, height of 1.8 meters, and volume of 80 cubic meters. The Qian-Shu
Dragon Kiln is the last dragon kiln left in this area. The kiln was built on
a man-made hillock. There were over 10 of these dragon kilns in the area
before World War II. Local people believe this kiln dates back approximately
300 years, and it has been repaired and rebuilt many times.
Usually it takes 5,000 kg of dry pinewood and 1,500 kg of coal for each
firing, and it takes 38 hours for preheating and firing. The kiln
temperature can reach 1,200 „aC.
Prepaid calling cards for phone calls made in China.
Traveling in China, you may need to contact your family and friends in your
home country. The best way is to buy a prepaid calling card that you can use
for domestic and international phone calls. The cards are available at
RMB100 ($12.50) each, or RMB50. There are two different cards. One is for
local city use only, the other you may use anywhere in China. Please make
sure you get the nation-wide card if you plan to travel around in China.

How to use the phone card:
You may to need pay a deposit at the hotel front desk to unblock the line
Dial ˇ§0ˇ¨ or ˇ§9ˇ¨ for an outside line (each hotel may be different). Dial
out from hotel, and wait for the dial tone.
Dial ˇ§17910ˇ¨ (or whatever it says on the card) to connect to the phone
Dial ˇ§1ˇ¨ or ˇ§2ˇ¨ to select the language.
Dial the card number and pin number all together followed by the # key.
Dial ˇ§001ˇ¨ for the US, then the area code and phone number. For example,
dial 001-408-777-8319 (ˇ§001ˇ¨-US country code, ˇ§408ˇ¨-Area code in San
Jose, California).
The best time to make a phone call to the US is around 10:00 pm (there is
only one time-zone in China), at which time it will be 7:00 am Pacific time
during the summer.
Yixing Ceramic Art Delegation in the US
Arriving on March 7, ten of the group visited California, Nevada, the NCECA
conference in Baltimore, and the east coast including New York.

On March 18, five of the Yixing artists presented their art works at the
International Slide Forum, and their art works were very impressive to many
western artists.
In the evening, there were over 70 people attending our East meets West
dinner party at the Chinese restaurant, hosted by Chinese Ceramic Art
Council, USA. Many of the western artists have been to China, or they are
going to visit China for the international conference in Yixing this year.
The former chairwoman of NCECA, Elaine Henry, and the vice-mayor of Yixing
made speeches at the dinner party. It was a very nice international ceramic
family re-union!

Nine of the Chinese artists went back to China on March 23, and the tenth,
Meiqun Gu, returned home on April 12. Meiqun Gu had been invited by the
University of West Virginia, the Art Center in New Jersey, and Mother Earth
Clay Art Center in Sunnyvale, California, to give a teapot workshop. In
conjunction with the visit, the Mother Earth Clay Art Center and the Chinese
Ceramic Art Council, USA hosted an international teapot exhibition.

According Guangzhen Zhou, the director of Chinese Ceramic Art Council, USA,
there will be more Yixing artists invited to come over to the US to give
teapot workshops every year. For updated information, please visit

The Exhibition of International Ceramic Art at the Yixing Ceramics Museum

There will be three international ceramics shows at the Yixing Ceramics
Museum, at the same time and in the same exhibition hall: the juried teapot
show of NCECA, the invitational teapot show of the members of IAC, and the
invitational exhibition from the conference participants.

For the teapot show of NCECA, there were a total of 36 teapots selected by
the judge. The first award winner is Matt Kelleher ($1000), and two second
awards winners are Rebecca Harvey and Todd Shanafelt ($300 each).

Also, all of the conference participants were invited for the show. They may
bring their clay pieces to China. It could be a teapot, or some other form.
According to the participants, many of the art works will be donated to the

A. Clay art instructor.
Schedule: June 20 ˇV August 26, 2005 (based on business needs).
10am-12noon, $50 per two-hour class. Teach summer camps for children from
5-12 years old. The techniques of the curriculum will be pinch, coil, slab
and glazing.
Contact: Po Zhou,

B. Partner/Manager/Marketing/Sales person wanted. Part-time or full-time.
During the past a few years, our business has been growing rapidly. We have
been working hard, inventing and developing many new products that we import
to the US bi-monthly.

Due to the overwhelming number of business tasks, we are looking for a
partner who would act as our professional manager and marketing
person--someone with customer service experience to build strong teamwork
and to provide the best services to the world of ceramic art.

Requirements of the position:
Business management skills include developing a financial plan, inventory
control, personnel management, and many other techniques, such as writing
product descriptions and taking pictures, designing our catalog, and
updating our website. Marketing/sales skills include contacting and making
connections with distributors and major art supply companies in the US.

Contact: Guangzhen Zhou
Chinese Clay Art Corp.
P.O. Box 1733, Cupertino, CA 95015
Tel. 800-689-2529, 408-777-8319, Fax. 408-777-8321
The deadline for entering slides for the 100 Teapots poster has been
Due to a shortage of time, and to coincide with the ˇ§Big Fish Small Pot 2,
the Teapot Competitionˇ¨ at Saddleback College in Southern California, we
have extended the entry deadline for the 100 Teapots poster to January 15,
For further information about the teapot competition ˇ§Big Fish Small Pot
2ˇ¨, please contact:
Saddleback College Art Gallery
28000 Marguerite Parkway
Mission Viejo, CA 92692 USA
We had a very successful sale at NCECA, and in just a few hours we gave away
hundreds of free posters of Yixing teapots. Next year, we will have a
double-size booth at NCECA.

Since last year, we have been getting new products shipped to the US
bimonthly. Please check out our website at for
updated information.

The following new products will be available by the end of May, 2005, so
please visit our website for updated information:

CW 12, Bevel Cutter, 45 and 60 degrees.
To join two slabs together perfectly, you need to cut their edges in mating
45 or 60 degree bevels and then attach the slabs to each other.

MD 05, Ceramic Mold, Flowers, 2ˇ¨-3ˇ¨.
These ceramic molds are easy to use for making clay sprigs, and are
available in the flowers of Rose, Chrysanthemum, Lily, Lotus, Morning Glory,
Narcissus, Peony, and Plum Blossom. There are a total of 12 different
flowers, and each may be purchased separately, or by the whole set.
An earlier newsletter is on the Web at

Guangzhen "Po" Zhou
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