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young and/or restless workshop series + soda masters class

updated thu 5 may 05


Cynthia Baker on wed 4 may 05

Pottery Northwest has a great series of workshops over the next few months.=20=
All workshops will be at our facility in Seattle, WA. For more information=
or registration, please call Wally Bivens, Pottery Northwest, at=A0(206)285-=

May 7 & 8 Saturday and Sunday 10-4=20
Fee $75=20

This workshop is a hands-on examination of glazing techniques. Alison will=20
guide the participants through the process she uses to apply intricate and=20
complex glaze patterning to her own work. Often her forms serve a dual role=20=
as bowl=20
and as a wall painting. When taken off the wall, the curve of the tile=20
becomes the foot of the dish. Likewise, the hollow of the interior makes a=20
voluptuous container. The glazed surface accentuates and negates the form, t=
advantage of the structure, but working independently of it as well. This wo=
is designed to help you move your glazing to another level of sophistication=

June 11 & 12 Saturday & Sunday 10-4=20
Fee $150=20
Free Slide Lecture Friday, June 10th 7 pm - open to the public=20

The light shines on the figure for this work session. From her studio in=20
Lolo, Montana, Adrian Arleo has focused on the figure with a simple elegance=
years; each new body of work holds a surprise, a conundrum. Kristine Veith,=20
working with a classical sensibility, pulls the social and political implica=
to the very surface of her large scale figures in surprising ways. Large=20
scale, hands-on, and something you don't expect will be the hallmarks of thi=
workshop. You will be working with as well as watching two of figurative cer=
dynamic artists.

Josh DeWeese, Victoria Christen,=20
Gail Nichols
September 2 through 11
Tuition $450
This class will focus on the soda firing process with a unique opportunity t=
learn from three accomplished artists in the medium. The class will be taugh=
by guest artists Josh DeWeese, Victoria Christen, and Gail Nichols.=20
Continuity will be provided by our studio staff. Each of the guests will ove=
rsee a=20
two-day, hands-on, workshop within the class. Expect three distinct approach=
es to=20
the soda aesthetic, dialog on materials and methods, and a great deal of fun=
Particpants will also have full access to the studio at Pottery Northwest.=20
Registrants will receive information ahead of time on materials and what to=20