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junk is junk: was cheap tools - now,

updated thu 5 may 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on wed 4 may 05

( the curious matter of...Who defines what, for whom?)

Hi Linda...!

( Lol...)

...and any number of tee-vee gormet 'chiefs', eat at mcdonalds...too...

So..there may well be a 'lesson' there...or, a lesson 'there'...but...

What is it, exactly?

That examples from totemic elders, progenitors, or other influential
somehow ) of others, may supplant one's own discernment or reason?



el ve

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From: "Linda Ferzoco"

> When I was in Japan in February and visiting with my teacher's sensei in
> Toyohashi (after a thrilling ride on the bullet train!), he took us
> in the local Target-type store. It had a whole section with bonsai tools.
> He told us that he buys all his bonsai tools there, uses them for a year
> (sharpens them AT LEAST daily - you'd love this guy Mel) and throws them
> after a year or so.
> We were all astounded. We were sure that he would be using the most
> expensive Japanese bonsai tools, tools that cost in the hundreds of
> each. A lesson there.
> Now, where did I put those whetstones?
> Linda