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updated wed 4 may 05


Lori Richter on tue 3 may 05


Thank you Andre - every bit of information we can get will help.

And, thanks also for all the other responses off-list that I haven't had a
chance to reply to - I believe a small workshop is doable - interesting, at
the very least.

One excellent suggestion regarding raku workshops came from another list -
I've copied the post below:

...we allowed each participant 3 pots, and provided them with 3 differently
coloured cards on which they wrote their name. These cards stayed with their
pots up to the firing, when we collected them as they went in the kiln. This
meant we knew who's pots were in there, and by firing say the yellow cards
first, then red, then blue, it ensured that everyone got at least 3 pieces
fired and, because we kept the cards after the pots came out of the fire, no
one was able to sneak an extra one in at someone else's expense. Believe me
if anyone can sneak an extra in they will, given half a chance, and I don't
blame them, but we ensured all got three, THEN we did first come first


We're at Highland Community College in Freeport - a couple hours west of

I'll get in touch off-list.


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From: "Andre Putte"
Sent: Saturday, April 30, 2005 8:50 AM
Subject: Re: Workshop Info Needed - Fees, Ideas, General Information?

> Lori,
> I fogot to ask...what comunity college are you at? If you are looking
> anyone to offer a workshop, I may be able to steer you in the direction of
> any type (raku, saggar, pitfiring, etc)....I work at the School of the Art
> Institute of Chicago.
> Andre