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summer workshops with nan rothwell

updated wed 21 mar 07


Nan Rothwell on wed 27 apr 05

At the risk of sounding self-promoting, I want to let you know about two =20
workshops I am offering this summer in my studio in Nelson County, Virginia=
. =20
The first is a hands-on throwing workshop on pitchers, with a chance to =20
focus on multiple aspects of the form. We'll make flattened and squared =20
pitchers, plus large pitchers thrown in two sections. Plus We=E2=80=99ll lo=
ok at a variety=20
of ways to apply handles. The pitcher workshop will take place June 25-26.=
Limit seven.
At the end of July, I=E2=80=99m offering a salt glazing workshop. Particip=
ants will=20
bring bisqued pots made from low-iron cone 10 clay, which we will decorate=20
with my salt slips on Saturday July 30, and then load the kiln. We will fi=
overnight with an eye to finishing the salting by the afternoon of Sunday=20
July 31. =20
Nelson County is about 150 miles southwest of Washington DC, next to the =20
Blue Ridge Mountains. For more information, contact me off-list at=20
_NRPottery@aol.com_ ( .
Nan Rothwell

B English on wed 11 may 05

nan rothwell's salt firing workshop
updated fri 6 may 05

B English on thu 5 may 05

I attended Nan's workshop last summer and it was so great I have been
bugging her to let me know when the next one will be scheduled. Just
received the info from her as well as seeing it posted here (July 30,
Her studio is well equipped and there is a nice variety of glazes to use.
She is a very knowlegeable and caring instructor. My background is as a
secondary teacher in public schools and find that her patience and ability
to instruct others is excellent. After we were given the basics of salt
firing, glazing and assisted in the actual glazing of our bisqued pieces
which we brought with us, we loaded her new gas fired kiln and began the
firing. At this point she then gave us the opportunity to ask questions
about just anything to do with ceramics as well as gave us some helpful tips
about tools, showed us how to make a cutting wire which will add texture to
a piece and the glaze recipes she uses.
In the evening, we had a 'show and tell' session where each person talked
about their own work and showed examples of their pieces. This was a great
learning experience. Nan also showed us her own collection of other artists
work and then fed us a wonderful dinner. The next day we were given the
opportunity to help with the spraying of salt into the kiln. We first
watched from the outside of the building which is on a slope with windows
which are high above the kiln from the inside, but on the outside allow you
to view from above the kiln. After seeing the demo of doing the first
salting, I was convinced I wouldn't be able to do it ( I have a thing with
even cooking on a gas stove or lighting a propane barbeque). I finally
decided that I wanted to have the experience. The first session that I did
with a partner we were dressed for safety with special masks, glasses,
gloves and made sure hair was secured behind our heads, long sleeved cotton
shirts and lots of fear(my husband who was along for the ride took pictures
of the aliens spraying below). The first opening I did was the where one of
the burners was located. I quickly found out that even with the long gloves
my metal watch under them got very hot (be sure you remove all metal items
before doing this).
Both she and her family were very welcoming to all of us and made us feel
a part of their family while we were there.
Besides the great workshop, we lucked out with a beautiful weekend with
perfect temperatures. The best part was the results which we saw when the
firing was complete. Loved it!
Be sure to consider this workshop if you are looking for a salt firing
this summer.

Nan Rothwell on tue 20 mar 07

I hope you will forgive a little shameless self-promotion.
This summer, I will offer two hands-on workshops in my Nelson County,
Virginia studio, near Charlottesville and Wintergreen Resort. We're
about 150 miles southwest of Washington, DC. I'll also be presenting
at a Potters Council Conference in Duluth, Georgia on August 10-12.

June 9-10 Altering Thrown Forms
A hands-on workshop where we will explore ways to manipulate thrown
forms. Projects will include faceting, flattening bottles, making oval
and squared dishes, adding patterns with rollers and stamps, and
adding decorative attachments. The $150 fee includes materials,
instruction, lunch both days and dinner on Saturday. Enrollment
limited to seven participants.

July 21-22 Making Teapots
A hands-on weekend workshop focused on teapots. We will make thrown
and handbuilt teapots in a variety of forms. The $150 fee includes
materials, instruction, lunch both days and dinner on Saturday.
Enrollment limited to seven participants.

Nestled next to the Blue Ridge Mountains, my studio sits on a rise
overlooking the Rockfish River. Join me for a weekend of intense
studio work, with breaks for swimming in the Rockfish and enjoying
Nelson County. Workshops will run from 10-4 on Saturday and Sunday.
We'll share a dinner and pottery show & tell session on Saturday

For more information, go to, phone 434-263-4023
or write to Nan Rothwell, 221 Pottery Lane, Faber, Virginia 22938.

Nan Rothwell