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sink trap design with pics

updated fri 29 apr 05


Madrona Artist on thu 28 apr 05

Hi everyone,
I have finally completed my sink trap with some
modifications to the designs in the archives. I know
there is no one asking for sink trap designs right now
but I am sure some day someone will again bring it up.
In any case I am posting pictures of sink trap I
recently installed in my studio. Thanks to everyone in
clayart for helping me with plumbing know-how. Specail
thanks to Wayne for answering all my questions. I had
no plumbing experience, so if I can do it so can you.
You will notice that I had the trap on the side of the
sink rather than under it. It is so that I can clean
it without messing with the pipes. I just remove the
pipe at one joint on top of the big bucket which is
coming from the sink, lift the lid, siphon out clear
water, remove the clay underneath, siphon in the clear
water, lid back on, pipe fixed and done. This way I
donít have to move a bucket full of water from under
the sink, no splashing of that water around etc...

Also you will notice in the square bucket inside, I
didn't put holes on the side towards the drain. It has
holes on the other three sides. The reason is to
agitate the water to a minimum close to the drain.

All of this sounds good right now, but it is only
after a few months I will know how effective it is
working. But from my initial tests I can see that the
water in the big bucket doesnít get agitated at all
when it drains the water out.

Also I will actually be able to see through the bucket
to see whether it is working as expected. Also I will
know when it is full of clay and I need to clean up.
That is why the clear bucket.

Here is the link to the pictures. Hope this is
helpful. Feel free to ask any questions you might


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