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charlotesville virginia area potters

updated fri 29 apr 05


Nan Rothwell on thu 28 apr 05

Hi William
I am replying off-list with specifics on finding my studio, but thought the
list members might like to know the general answer to your query.

Charlottesville and its surrounds is full of potters! Nelson County alone,
a small rural county with only about 13,000 residents and no traffic lights,
has five working pottery studios. A couple of years back, I hosted a
"Virginia Teapot Show" at a local gallery and had no trouble finding 21 good
teapots, most of them made within an easy drive of Charlottesville.

Of particular note, in my opinion, are pots by these Charlottesville area
Kevin Crowe, who makes gorgeous pots that he fires in a huge multi-chamber
wood kiln.
Roger Rood, who makes some of the nicest functional ware I have ever seen,
and lives and works near here.
Nancy Ross, who makes a range of functional work and teaches clay at Mary
Baldwin College.
Mary Anne Burke and Janice Arone, who work in separate studios, but show
together at the Barn Swallow Gallery west of town.
Jim Hanger, who works in Staunton, a town west of Charlottesville. Jim's
pots are always changing and growing.
Tom Clarkson, who teaches clay at the local community college and makes
wonderful strong work.
Cri Kars-Marshall who makes smoked and sawdust fired pieces.
Trew Bennett, who lives near me in Nelson, and fires both reduction and
anagama kilns.

I am sure there are others of note who I am temporarily forgetting. But
this list is enough to show you that you should have plenty to look at while
here. Get in touch with me, and I will direct you to local galleries and

Nan Rothwell

Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 03:17:41 -0400
From: William Sheppard
Subject: Charlottesvile, Va - Anybody there?

Hey everybody,

I might be going to Charlottesvile, Virginia soon. Are there any
CalyArt people there? Anything special, pottery wise to see.

William A. Sheppard