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earl k's trip to n. idaho and workshop size

updated thu 28 apr 05


Brad Sondahl on wed 27 apr 05

It was very nice to have Earl and his wife visit. His comment on
workshop size relates to differences in outlook and temperament. Tim
Mosgrove teaches classes, and specializes in architectural ceramics.
Both of those require a large space to accommodate. He often builds a
mockup of a fireplace mantel to work on.
My own studio size came out of reading "Small is Beautiful" in college.
Although it was speaking about small enterprise (and probably mostly now
discredited economics, as Wal's and K's continue swallow the little
guys), I applied the thinking to keeping my business small and low
So with a 10 X 12 foot workshop, and 10 X 12 foot kilnroom, I can
produce a steady stream of pottery to fill my 12 X 12 foot showroom and
outside gazebo...
It doesn't feel cramped when I'm the only person there...
By the way, this month marks my 30th anniversary as a professional
Brad Sondahl

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