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giant pit fire party at nottingham arts

updated wed 27 apr 05


terry sullivan on mon 25 apr 05

Well I wish more of you folks were here for our event last weekend.

The weather predictions were off by a long shot. We had perfect
conditions and had a great pit fire and party.

About 60 folks came from all over so. calif. to play and party. Evan a
group from the Ventura Potters Guild 100 miles away.

Pat Crabb, from Santa Ana College, brought an entire class for the pit
fire and they made kiln cooked pizzia for the whole group, along with
all the potluck dishes and bbq stuff. Way more food than we could eat.

Pat Crabb gave a fantastic slide show of his ceramic group tours in
China, Central America, and the indian ruins of the south west america..
He certainly gives a great tour wherever he goes.

Pit fire pieces were very good this time. Maybe the hardwood
strippings we used.

Love , Terry Sullivan
Nottingham arts