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article in the new yorker about ups

updated wed 27 apr 05


Rikki Gill on tue 26 apr 05

I have just finished reading an article in the new yorker, April 18th
issue, about UPS. It is titled, "Out in the Sort ", and is just amazing.
It primarily deals with their main hub in Louisville, Kty, and how the
incredible amount of mail, packages, frozen lobster, etc is sorted, stored,
or directed. I no longer believe they throw boxes of pots around, I don't
think most are even touched by human hands.
To those of us who ship even occasionally, it is an eye opener.

I have had the pleasant surprise of being invited to participate in a show
called, "DinnerWorks" in Louisville early next year, which will require me
to send a lot of pottery [8 place settings, plus serving pieces, etc] and I
have been a bit worried about which carrier to use. I do send the
occasional dinnerware set cross countery, with no problems to date, but
recent Clayart complaints have worried me. I was thinking about the USPS,
but I think I will stick with UPS this time.
At least I know that when they sort it out in Louisville, it doesn't have
far to go.

Rikki Gill