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giant pit fire at nottingham april 23rd.

updated tue 26 apr 05


terry sullivan on sun 24 apr 05

Well the weather gods were with us this weekend. Weather Chanel . com
predicted rain, but it didn't happen. Not even close.

Pat Crabb, of Santa Ana College, brought a great group of students and
they fixed kiln fired pizza for us all.
Ventura PottersGuild had a good turn out as well. These folks drove 100
miles for the pit fire and party. Pat gave a great slide show of his
ceramics/art tours in China and Central America. Pats tours are really
fun and I can't wait to go on his central Mexico tour next January.

We fired off the pit with hardwood "strippings" from a local hardwood
mfg., and the pit burned down to a two foot bed of very hot coals. The
hardwood coals settled down and held for several hours holding the
heat much longer than when we uesd soft wood. I think t hat may have
contributed to the great results.

Sunday morning we unearthed/onloaded the pit. Lots of very good

Another great party here at the Nottingham Center.

Nex t giant pit fire will be in Oct.

Love , Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA