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china saga packing and shipping

updated sun 24 apr 05


mel jacobson on fri 22 apr 05

joe koons and mel have spent a week sorting and packing
521 pots for our show in los angeles, cal, AMOCA.

i have finished 637 pots in this series. every firing
was to some degree a success. we are more than pleased.
we had an open house last sunday...about 150 local
friends came and saw all the pots. joe filled the studio
tables and racks and the best were in the house on tables
and furniture. donald jackson and wife from the bible project
was an honored guest. we presented him with one of the
tiny gold bowls..he will use it to store gold leaf scrap.
(the bible show opened at the minneapolis inst. of art to
record breaking crowds..thousands. it is getting rave
reviews...craft, what a concept.)

as with other emails to clayart we are trying to let folks
know how we are doing things. shipping this many pots
has been daunting. joe and me had to learn the
entire process.

i ordered a wooden container from `city to city` shipping
company. it arrived within an hour of the appointed
time. perfect shape. it is a great container. it will
be picked up on monday/ 10 a.m.

we purchased over a hundred modular boxes. 8x8x8 12x12x12,
16x16x16 inches squared. all boxes fit into another square
box. we bought three wheels of bubble wrap and a huge
amount of peanuts/foam. one large wheel of foam wrapping.
about 400 bucks. the container cost 1200 dollars to
los angeles. to the front door of amoca.

joe, my daughter chris and wife sharlene packed every
pot in foam and newspaper...four layers. then into
boxes lined with bubble wrap, and into larger boxes. i cooked, ran errands
and kept them in supplies. it took two days.
joe was in charge of this entire process. we did
not need two leaders. i was the gofer. and carried
all the boxes and labeled them.

the boxes fit perfectly across the container.
we have added cardboard spacers between layers both
top and sides. it is very snug. my friends at the ridatick
factory have given us bales of used shrink wrap and we
have stuffed it into every crack. the boxes fit the space
without any movement. tight as a tick. the modular
boxes are sized to fit the container.

this morning i will build a plywood wall against the
boxes. i will use osb panels with 1x4 inch pine stanchions.
it will all be screwed in place with drywall screws.
nothing will be able to move more than a sixteenth of an
inch. tick tight...i love that expression.
the boxes fill all but about 26 inches of the container.
side to side, top to bottom...tight. the wall will hold
it all in place. i love that the container is all plywood.
can screw it right into place...and it will come right
out in los angeles. the driver will drop the container
right in front of the museum, they we will unpack it in about
15 minutes with four people. the trucker will take the
container with him. we will place an industrial hardened
lock on the container. the key has been mailed to
david has a three foot red streamer tied
to it. joe has a copy key in his wallet. joe will
be there when the truck arrives; take charge of the unpacking.
most boxes will go into storage at david armstrong's gallery next
door to the museum. the show will have about 60 pieces plus
a complete dinner setting for four, plates, bowls, tea mugs
and serving pieces with teapot.
some of the glass cases will be left open, and
we are planning a table with about 8 pieces under an
ott light (sun corrected) and a magnifying glass so people
can handle the pots.

joe and mel have given about 75 pots to the museum as
a gift. they will be sold in the museum store as a fund
raiser. we are both very committed to helping make this
the finest venue for ceramics in the world. it is going
to be. it will take a great deal of energy from both
quality potters and quality collectors to create of museum
of this standard. it now a reality.

from mel

Maid O'Mud on sat 23 apr 05

Hi Mel:

I got tired just reading the post!! Good job :-))

Sam Cuttell
Maid O'Mud Pottery
RR 1
Melbourne, Ontario
N0L 1T0

"First, the clay told me what to do.
Then, I told the clay what to do.
Now, we co-operate."
sam 1994
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> joe koons and mel have spent a week sorting and packing
> 521 pots for our show in los angeles, cal, AMOCA.