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british business at the byelorussian market

updated tue 19 apr 05


International Club on mon 18 apr 05

One-time information

Dear Sirs!

This is a business offer for British firms, companies and businessmen who are interested in establishing strong business cooperation with Belarus and those, who are in search for both reliable partners in Belarus and the way to enter the Byelorussian market.
The advertising agency “International Club” (Minsk, The Republic of Belarus) has been establishing international advertising contacts for 9 years. We have recently started a new project to strengthen and improve international economic links between Great Britain
and Belarus.
A special edition “British business at the Byelorussian market” will be issued on April 29, 2005. It will be published in one of the most popular Byelorussian newspapers, the only daily capital-city newspaper “Evening Minsk”. This issue is beeing prepared only for British companies to publish their business offers in it. The advertisement rates in the special edition are lowered by 50% (from 2.6 $ per 1 sq. cm down to 1.3 $ per 1 sq. cm). The minimal size of the advertisement to publish is 10 sq. cm, the maximal size is 2000 sq. cm. The advertisement is published in black-and-white. The deadline for sending us your advertisements and offers is April 25, 2005.
Advertising agency “International Club” is preparing similar special editions, dedicated to business cooperation of British companies with Byelorussian partners in 2 other newspapers as well:
1) on May 7, 2005 in the oldest Byelorussian newspaper “Zvyezda”, that is around in regional centers of Belarus. The advertisement is published in colour.
2) on May 7, 2005 in the largest governmental newspaper of the country “Republic” that is especially popular among political institutions all over the country! The advertisement is published in colour.

The advertising rates are lowered for both issues from 3.0 $ down to 2.0 $ per 1 sq. cm. The minimal size of the advert is 13.5 sq. cm. The maximal is 1000 sq. cm. The deadline for providing advertisement information is April 25, 2005.

If you have any questions concerning the special edition, please, feel free to contact our advertising agency “International Club”.

Boris Zalessky
General manager
Advertising agency “International Club”
Tel/fax: (+375-17) 2882-732, 2882-532.

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