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surfing with helen bates - april 16, 2005 - france, japan

updated sun 17 apr 05


Helen Bates on sat 16 apr 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 16, 2005 - France, Japan

La Galerie Capazza (Nancay, France) (Shockwave Flash) (Runs slideshows
for each artist)
For direct entry into the ceramics portion, click on this url: (Still runs Shockwave,
and still needs a fast connection)
(Pottery and ceramic sculpture, often by the same individual) Artists:
Gordon Baldwin, Rene Ben Lisa, Anne Bulliot, Yoland Cazenove, Claude
Champy, Daphne Correga, Martine, Damas, Robert Deblander, Edmee Delsol,
Christine Fabre, Jean-Francois Fouilhoux, Haguiko, Joulia, Jacqueline
Lerat, Yves Mohy, Brigitte Penicaud, Gustavo Perez, Ardoche Praudel,
Claude Varlan, Jean-Pierre Viot. Great stuff! The only objection I
have to the site (besides the need for a high speed connection) is the
lack of a route all the way back to the ceramics site, other than using
the "Back button." (One way to overcome this is to have the ceram.html
url always ready on your clipboard to repaste into the location box.
This speeds things up immensely and prevents the developement of carpal
tunnel syndrome.) Also, the "Prix" = "price" links don't work. (I
assume there is an e-mail address or form somewhere for anyone
interested in making a purchase. )

Atelier Brocante Céramique (Galerie ABC) (Paris, France)
Emmanuelle and Olivier (no surname) run this ceramics resale
(second-hand) site with various exhibitions of ceramic work old and
new. They also present their own work (perhaps this is Olivier's
For a site translation, click on the Tiny Url below: (Translation) (ABC Gallery)

Japanese Fine Arts Exhibition (Japan)
(Japanese Crafts exhibition site - about half the work is ceramic)
or: - (Translation)
Japanese F.A. Exhibition home page (Translation):

(To get to the above crafts exhibition using "frames", click on the
second red button from the left, then on "Craft as Art."


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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