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updated sat 16 apr 05


Barbara Brown on fri 15 apr 05

Hi Melanie,
If you are going to be in Calif the end of May there will be a wonderful =
workshop at Mother Earth Clay Art Center in Sunnyvale. It is our own won=
derful mel jacobson giving a throwing workshop with the title "Stories to=
Throw By" mel came to Calif and gave a workshop several years ago for A=
CGA while I was workshop chairman. People are still talking about how goo=
d it was and how much they learned.
Besides showing different throwing methods , mel tells you how to make ma=
ny tools inexpensively.
Workshop info:
mel jacobson
"Stories to Live By" =20
throwing workshop 10-4pm
May 28-29, 2005 (Sat and Sun)
free slide show Fri 7pm
fee $110 (watch only) $25 material fees if you want to throw.
Mother Earth Clay Art Center
790 Lucerne Dr
Sunnyvale, Ca 94085

Barbara Brown
1225 Manzano Way
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089