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axner splash pans - longish

updated sat 16 apr 05


william schran on fri 15 apr 05

Howard wrote:>While we still feel that the old design of splash pan was very
adequate, some of you have disagreed. <

All of the following is MY opinion:

Howard - This is an understatement and you are being very diplomatic
describing the original splash pans. I feel they were cheaply made
and poorly designed. One could not even touch the splash pan without
it shifting and contacting the bottom of the wheel head or other
moving parts and making a horrendous noise.

I suppose I was probably the biggest complainer about the splash pans
and kept after Axner to do something.

To Howard's credit, he, or a company representative always responded
quickly and honestly to my complaints. After I first got 10 wheels
and my students, who had been working on Brents and Amaco wheels,
complained about the splash pans - please note: they never complained
about the wheels - I contacted Axner and they sent 10 replacement
pans. Still we encountered the same problem, shifting of the pans
when touched.

Howard sent me a single slightly altered pan to see how it would
work. After having various students test it, it also failed.

After the passage of quite some time I contacted Axner again and they
let me know that they had finally redesigned the mounting of the
splash pan. We struck a deal and I got 10 new splash pans and
mounting brackets.

They work and my students are happy with them.

I want to publicly thank Howard & Axner for taking the time to "make
it right". At no time did anyone at Axner attempt to be deceptive
about what was going on. They were always honest with me. I know
Howard understands: "keep the customer happy and you have a customer
for life".

Ya got me Howard - Thank you