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updated fri 15 apr 05


Kathy Chase- Jones on thu 14 apr 05

Hi- We are finally making the jump to try a few big wholesale shows. Our
first one is slated for September. Any advice to a wholesale show newbie? We
are only wholesaling a few items not our whole line. I haven't worked a
trade show since the mid 80's and things have changed a bit since then. All
tips and helpful hints will be appreciated! One would think with 20+ years
of pottery under my belt I'd feel comfortable with wholesale shows- but it
is new to me. Thanks in advance!- Kathy Chase-Jones

Chris Campbell on thu 14 apr 05

Congratulations on taking the leap to a large wholesale show
... you have got a learning curve ahead !!

My advice would be to start with two other discussion forums ... get into
their archives and search under every related area.

The American Craft Forum which is sponsored by the Rosen Group:

The Crafts Report Discussion Board:

J Iverson's website has precise answers to most questions:

Then, "Google" Bruce Baker and find a way to obtain one of his
marketing/working a booth tapes or CDs.
A definite must !! Worth every single penny !!!

Good Luck
Chris Campbell - in North Carolina