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pottery show!

updated wed 13 apr 05


Kate Johnson on tue 12 apr 05

Hi all--

I had mentioned that the gallery that handles my work (paintings, books,
etc.) had asked if I had enough pottery for a show at their open house, and
of course I do.

Some of you asked me to let the list know if it worked out...

Well, it's official, the show is on! The private opening is April 21st, and
the official open house weekends are the 23rd and 24th, and April 30-May 1,
at Olde English Garden Shoppe in Excelsior Springs, MO (115 E. Broadway, if
you're in the area!) Check out

I'm nervous and excited--I'd written the KC Star, the area's big newspaper,
about something else entirely (my new Cafepress store), and just mentioned
the pottery in passing (I know, silly me!), and they're doing a small story
on it, including photos of my work, in the Sunday Star on the 24th, in the
"Getting Started" column. Omigosh.

So, many thanks for all your help, advice and encouragement! I just wish I
had MORE TIME. (And more work, and more expertise, and....)

Kate Johnson

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