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gallery owner wants pottery book recommendation...

updated fri 15 apr 05


Lauren Bellero on wed 13 apr 05

woohoo! -- just have to share a nice experience while
asking my question :-)
i was recently contacted by a gallery (not out-of-state
this time!). i brought my work there today and the owner
actually wanted to RAISE the prices! woo-hoo again!
that's never happened! i'm still in shock.

anyway, the real reason for my post:
she asked for a recommendation on a pottery book
that would help her understand pottery a little better.
not a how-to book. her words: "something between
an encylopedia and a dictionary". she'd like to understand
the terminology and processes, but doesn't need the nitty-gritty
details. i have so many books, but none of them fit the
bill. anyone know of a good overview type book suitable
for someone who wants to be able to talk about pottery
without having to actually "do" it?
lauren, the mudslut

Mudslingers Pottery, Lauren Bellero
39 Leroy Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Eleanor on thu 14 apr 05

FUNCTIONAL POTTERY by Robin Hopper--Chilton 1986---ISBN 0-8019-7451-8

I bought this used; I don't know whether there are later editions.

Lots of pictures of pots ancient and modern. Discussion of shapes,
lids, handles, feet, rims, spouts and how these relate to use.

Extensive discussion of aesthetics and a few how-tos.

Although this is about functional pottery only there is much to be
learned about what makes a well-designed, well-formed pot.

Eleanor Kohler
Centerport, NY