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[potterbarter] i just posted this kiln on e-bay

updated wed 13 apr 05


Ray on tue 12 apr 05

Paragon SnF-28-3
Dimensions 28" X 29 with a 96" diameter
(Paragon's sales information)
The massive, 12-sided Paragon SnF-28-3 kiln is a profit center of the
busy ceramic studio. It eats up stacks of low-fire ware. At a cost per
cubic foot, the SNF-28-3 is one of the most economically priced
standard kilns we make.
We have upgraded the SnF-28-3 kiln to 48 amps. With beefier elements,
it fires to temperature with less strain. It is rated to 2150=B0F, ideal
for low-fire ware.=20
During busy seasons when orders are backlogged, you will be grateful
you own a dependable Paragon kiln. Studio owners call these kilns
"real work horses."
Paragon studio kilns have withstood years of abuse in school
environments. High school ceramics teachers fire these kilns
unmercifully, without remorse. Yet the kilns keep going. People swear
by them.
The SnF-28-3 uses deluxe 3" thick firebrick throughout: in the
sidewalls, the reversible brick bottom, and the 3" thick lid. The
massive lid is easy to lift with the exclusive, patented Paragon
counter-balance LiteLid. The LiteLid reduces the strain on the kiln
body from the pressure of the lid. This lengthens the life of the
firebricks. The LiteLid eliminates cumbersome pulleys and ropes.
The 24" wide stand for the SnF-28-3 kiln supports the brick bottom
with framing that is 4 =BD" wide across the top of each side. The stand
accommodates the Orton KilnVent. The stand is rock-steady, with
16-gauge frame and heavy 12-gauge legs.
If you move your kiln out of the way when not in use, order an
optional deluxe kiln stand with steel casters.
Other Features=20
=95 Lock-in lid support=20
=95 Large, tapered peepholes=20
=95 Ventilated switch box=20
=95 Hand lifts=20
=95 Dropped, recessed brick grooves=97no pins needed=20
=95 Heavy duty elements=20
=95 Dust-free coating in the peepholes, both sides of the lid and top
rim of firebrick=20
=95 Heavy gauge stainless steel case=20
=95 Operating instructions silk-screened on the switch box=20
=95 Certified to CSA & UL Standard 499=20
=95 Full-formed galvanized steel base plate
Cost to buy new now.=20

I've owned this kiln since 2001 and it has been fired 10 times. I am
unable to lift the molds and bend to reach into the kiln to place the
pieces or remove them due to arthritis and back problems. This kiln
has been well cared for.
It has a Sentry 2.0 digital firing control.
Winner must arrange for shipping and accept responsibility for
shipping costs!
View pictures here

Please email me off group for more info.

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Barbara Rathbun Hood on tue 12 apr 05

In a message dated 4/12/2005 8:30:11 PM Eastern Standard Time,
humanrayc@MALLOFCRAFTERS.COM writes:
I am interested in a little more info if you could please; The price you
listed, is that the selling price? Also could you please tell me the interior
cubic footage and where you are located? Thanks very much.