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surfing with helen bates - april 11, 2005 - belgium, uk, brazil,

updated tue 12 apr 05


Helen Bates on mon 11 apr 05

Canada, USA

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 11, 2005 - Belgium, UK, Brazil,
Canada, USA

Urbain Crape (Ghent, Belgium)
(Retrospective of ceramic sculptor Urbain Crape's work from the early
1960's to the 21st. Century.)

Jane Perryman (Hundon, Suffolk, England, UK)
Perryman specialises in smoke firing and naked clay surface techniques.
Her pieces are handbuilt, austere, vessel forms. Her pieces are hand
built from a mixture of porcelain & stoneware clays using a combination
of coiling, press molding and slabbing processes. She sometimes adds
organic material which will burn out during the firing to the clay.
The resulting spaces will later be inlaid with a contrasting colour.
All work is burnished before firing.

Elizabeth Fonseca and Gilberto Paim (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
(Electric-fired white porcelain vessels, made by one or the other or
collaboratively by these two artists.) "The equilibrium and simplicity
of form are combined with an unceasing research into colors, graphic
details and textures in the work of the ceramic artists Elizabeth
Fonseca and Gilberto Paim." (Fabiola Duva Bergamo, Kaza Magazine)

Rednersville Country Store (Rednersville, ON, Canada)
(Antique stoneware in an 1870's era general store in Prince Edward
County, near my home area of Belleville, Ontario) Both Picton, the
county town of Prince Edward County (not island), and Belleville,
Ontario were centres for the making of utilitarian stoneware. Much of
the early population consisted of farming class and working class
emigrants from New York State, in the newly independent post
revolutionary United States of America. (Loyalists in their own minds,
and traitors in the opinion of the victors.) In any case, many of them
were of Germanic stock, as was a largish portion of the population of
New York State at that time, and some of these were salt-glazing
stoneware potters, whose work, or at least the work of their
descendents, has endured to this day. (Besides the Picton and
Belleville potteries, there is work from other Loyalist-settled towns,
such as Brantford and Brockville, Ontario, and Abbotsford, Quebec, as
well as pieces from some of the New England States. (The Lazier Pottery
ware from Picton are amongst some of the nicest, and there is a Utica
Pottery [NY] piece with a very nice cobalt decoration.)

Eric Struck (Sacramento, CA, USA)
A potter for many years, Struck is the General Manager of Industrial
Minerals Company (IMCO.)
(Various Struck pieces which can be seen throughout the IMCO site.)
Struck will be teaching at Sierra Nevada College this summer. (2005)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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