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v-gum cer: laguna clay co.

updated sun 10 apr 05


jesse hull on fri 8 apr 05

I had trouble a while back obtaining V-Gum CER. I
find it the best for holding glazes with little clay
content (such as crystallines) both in suspension and
on the form for handling.
I liked it so much, I went in on a 5 gallon bucket of
it with some friends (the smallest qty. I could
I must have overlooked it somehow at the time, but
Laguna Clay Co. lists it in their catalogue.

Otherwise, the mixture is 72% V-Gum and 28% CMC. It's
only a bit more of a hassle, and works just as well.
John or Juan @ Laguna can answer any questions.
Hope that helps...

~jesse hull.