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peter king workshop ends

updated sun 10 apr 05


Eleanora Eden on fri 8 apr 05

Saturday April 2

Yesterday at this hour it was storming so hard=20
and had been so long that all the roads were=20
flooded, the catchment basin across the street=20
had long been flooded, cars were abandoned in the=20
street and those that were moving were making=20
huge waves coming toward us. It started Thursday=20
afternoon and rained about a foot according to=20
the radio but a planter in Peter's yard that is=20
18" tall was almost full. Being in a camper=20
Thursday night was like being in a little tin can=20
in a swamp. Zsa-Zsa the cat didn't seem too=20
worried, so that was okay. At least we didn't=20
get the hail they got across town. And our=20
electricity (Peter plugged us in to make it=20
easier for us)stayed on (many were without) so=20
that was definitely a plus.

We did the installation he had planned on=20
Wednesday. A 5' diameter medallion of a dolphin=20
jumping above waves on the front of the high=20
school, donated by the architect of the=20
renovation it was decorating. Too gorgeous.=20
Dolphin and waves glazed, the rest serrated=20
ribbed, unglazed, wiped with Minwax stain and=20
then dipped in sealant.

Every day we start with a big slide show of work=20
they've done and them doing work. Peter's=20
brother John has been doing this with him for 25=20
years. They obviously make a successful team and=20
they've got their personas for public display=20
down pat=8A.Peter's the schmoozer and John's his=20
straight man. Then the work on the fireplace=20
surround they're demonstrating for the workshop=20
goes forward, punctuated by work on some sinks.=20
Zinia is doing most of the smoothing and making a=20
lot of decorating decisions as the day goes on=20
without much ado.

Calling this a participating workshop is actually=20
not accurate. He has so much to share that's=20
okay. But he has made this expectation and I=20
think it is causing day to day unease because=20
people are motivated to do something and there is=20
not much to do. Zinia does have a say and=20
demands explanations but their conversations are=20
in Spanish.

Today we watched John grout another project he=20
has ready and we took a tour around Pensacola to=20
see works he has installed. This was pretty=20
existential as many of the houses he has worked=20
on were destroyed in last year's hurricane. That=20
is old news elsewhere but in Pensacola it is like=20
the day after in many locations. We visited=20
wrecked houses. We also visited the most=20
sumptious house I have ever seen, to see the=20
bathroom he did for the teenager there. This=20
house had a 6' diameter floor to ceiling=20
aquarium, apparently the most fabulous private=20
aquarium in the country. Etc, etc. Exhausting=20

So this is the end of the saga of this workshop.=20
It has been worth the time and $$ absolutely.=20
Peter King is expanding the realm of clay. He is=20
visionary and delightful. I asked him what he=20
would like to do if he could do anything and he=20
said he is completely committed to the archway as=20
a statement and a form. I wish him all the best=20
and hope he has an opportunity to do great arches=20
in public places.