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cone 6 reduction glazes and uses for pots

updated sun 10 apr 05


Rhonda Kale on sat 9 apr 05

When you publish your booklet, I will be first in line for a copy.

"...we always show ceramic art history as dynasty, king, or was more about
food. that thought really makes me smile. some pompous art historian/
museum guru...`this pot was made for sutlan zing yang's court in
1266. important piece` old yang probably used it at night as a pee pot.

Your comment reminded me of something I once saw at party-
Story reminds me of a League function I attended once at a very posh well-appointed home. Very expensive, palatial....
Annual Tea party, lots of hats and pearls. Lovely porcelain dishes, sterling tea service and flatware, tons of cut flowers everywhere-very pretentious.
RIght smack in the middle of one of the tables was flower arrangement in a very ornately painted porcelain item-flowers,gold-exquisitely done......
It was an antique chamber pot! In the middle of a poshy tea. Lost it right there and then. Excused myself and went outside and cried laughing. My Old Southern lady grandmother, Nannny, would have loved it, G-D rest her soul.....
I still get a tickle out of it even now.
Rhonda Kale
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