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updated fri 8 apr 05


primalmommy on wed 6 apr 05

My husband thinks I'm a hoot because I pull apart newspapers looking for
the most innocuous sheets to wrap pots in. The classifieds, maybe, or a
sports page. or better yet, the funnies.

I can't imagine opening a package -- with all the "oh-goody-goody"
excitement of a kid with a present -- and being greeted by the tsunami,
suicide bombers, a local child molester, or worse. I can't wrap my
pretty pots in headlines. I barely let headlines into my house at all. A
quick scan when I log on, and Jeff updates me on the ones that will make
the history books -- filters out the ones that will just make me sick.

Plain newsprint would be great for packaging. I think there is still a
place in Ann Arbor, MI called "the scrap box" that sells factory
leftovers. My kids love a big newsprint roll -- you can roll out a mile
of it and paint on it, you can get your little sister to lie down on it
and trace around her -- or you can paint on your little sister and let
her roll on it!

I have also packed boxes full of handfuls of those plastic grocery bags
that seem to multiply. I literally have a giant trash bag full. They are
light and seem to do pretty well.

The pix of ACC made me grin -- and sigh -- and look forward to my annual
foray this summer. If NCECA leaves me happy, broke and exhausted, ACC
recharges my batteries and sends me home rejuvenated and inspired. They
grow some big potters out your way, Vince! I was happy to see my two
ursine buds from the clayart room again... Dolita was encouraging me to
make an impulsive road trip but I just couldn't do it this time.

I started doing taxes today with my morning coffee, and in my own,
three-kids-interrupting, phone-ringing, disorganized, ADD sort of way,
have been at it ALL DAY LONG. I just now closed the books. A computer
virus months ago strangled my Quicken program, so i am down to
scrounging in boxes for receipts, (why do they print some of them in
disappearing ink?) digging for old statements, and trying to read my
scribbled handwriting in my log book. Being stuck inside and frustrated
on a sunny day made me a very crabby mom, I'm afraid -- so i am off to
get some sleep so i can summon a little more mary poppins attitude
tomorrow. Hoping to plant some rhubarb, asparagus and sun choke around
my bee hive before they get here -- the stuff i can harvest early in
spring when they're napping, but will grow into a nice privacy screen
for the nosy neighbors and shade the hive from hot sun in the summer

Mel, I've got my sugar sprayer all set. If i had to choose between
causing panic and gluttony with smoke, or having a bunch of happy bees
licking sugar off each other (which makes me think for some reason of
the hippie fest at the oregon country fair ;0) ) well, I'll go for the

Kelly in Ohio.. where my helpful 12 year old planned and made supper all
by himself because mom was busy: scrambled eggs, raw carrots and a fruit
smoothie ;0) Afterward, Jeff was talking to the kids about college, if,
and why, and how --- explaining that it's not like you have to decide
once and for all what you're going to "be".

"Your mom has a bachelor and a masters degree in two different things",
he said -- then, waving his arm toward where I sat (between two full
laundry baskets, sorting shoeboxes full of receipts) -- he grinned and
joked, "And look at her now!" Before I could give him "the look", my 9
year old -- failing to grasp the irony of the joke -- stuck out his
chest and enthused '' "Yeah! Look at her now! An almost famous potter!"

ya gotta love 'em...

(otherwise you'd take one look at the laundry and mess and run screaming
into the night.. )

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