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shipping pottery -ken's mentions...

updated tue 5 apr 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 4 apr 05

Hi Ken, all...

Far as I know, exclaims such as "This Side Up" or "Fragile
! - Handle with Care" mean less than nothing and are a waste
of time.

Maybe if one put "OXIDIZER!" or something on there they
might kindasorta notice, but maybe not...

U.P.S. used to have a little known class called "Hand Carry
Only" or something to that effect, which in theory cost
$5.00 extra and was guarenteed to keep the parcel off of the
Conveyor Belts. This was very good for especially fragile or
awkward-fragile items or heavy-fragile ones. I shipped a
1949 RCA metal case fauz-wood-grain DeLuxe MOdel Table-top
Tee-Vee one time with that rate which weighed something like
70 pounds, and it got there, to Texas from Nevada, just

I am told they no longer offer that since their symbiosis
with mailboxez'r'us and their new 'swoosh' logo, which cost
fifteen million dollars or something of their costomers'
rates being padded to change out their logo from what it
used to be. Or, in short, U.P.S. has become merely absurd
and a suburbanite clip joint, instead of being involved in
sensible pragmatic Shipping matters.

Typical corporate morons looting things from the top...oh


el ve

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From: "Ken Nowicki"

(..some snipping occurred for brevity in the archives..)
> I'm still undecided whether or not those "fragile" or
"this side up" stickers
> are worth a damn. I too have heard that it's almost worse
if you put them on,
> as some employees tend to see if they can get that fragile
item to shatter if
> they see one of those stickers. It'd be interesting to
hear an "insiders"
> perspective on this topic from the shipping industry (UPS,
FedEx, USPS, etc.) -
> - Ken

Lee Love on tue 5 apr 05

pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET wrote:

>used to be. Or, in short, U.P.S. has become merely absurd
>and a suburbanite clip joint, instead of being involved in
>sensible pragmatic Shipping matters.
I worked at UPS during the period of the deregulation of the
industry. It is when service and "care for the packages" went out
the window. Numbers and volume replaced service.

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