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geil kiln/coleman workshop

updated tue 5 apr 05


JoyceLee on mon 4 apr 05

Thanks be to Clayart I just called in
my reservation for Tom Coleman's glaze/
firing workshop in Huntington Beach,
California, for the end of July.

timing is so right although I've been
glazing well enough, with tons of
improvement, for a couple of years now.
I keep recalling that the big jump on
the Glaze Learning Curve for me, was
at a Coleman throwing workshop in Las
Vegas several years ago. He truly is
a master. I'm hoping for another such
jump... or a nudge.... this time around.

AND the kiln he'll use is apparently
a Geil, which both of mine are. What
a boon! I'm staying with my health
regime from now to then for sure. If
I must walk all the way, I'm in trouble,
but otherwise all should go well.

In the Mojave Desert of California grateful
to have the excitement, as well as quiet
satisfaction, clay has brought to my dirt
road abode. Clayart, too, of course.
My mood fits well with the soft, cool
breezes and hot, hot sun accompanying
them today. My new cement table and
benches outside the studio feel invitingly
cool to the touch. I may stop by Hockett's
and see if he has an appropriate sized
piece of lava to sit in the vicinity of
the cement pieces. #1 Support Person
often said that I was the only woman he
knew that meant a Rock rock when replying
to a "What do you want for...." request...
much prefer them to diamonds.... much.