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book of trades/ever heard of corebus?

updated tue 5 apr 05


Ann Brink on mon 4 apr 05

Kate Johnson wrote: ...."has anyone seen the Denis Diderot encyclopedia from
the 18th century? He chronicled many many crafts and trades, including
pottery. Very interesting to see how this was done industrially 250 years
ago, given my interest in pottery of the past, but unfortunately my (repro)
copy is in the original French. Can't read it--any volunteers?

Kate, I have the Dover edition of "The Book of Trades", published in 1568
in German, by Jost Amman and Hans Sachs. It has woodcuts of occupations and
activities, with a descriptive poem for each one. I grew up speaking
"household German" but am limited in my comprehension in reading these; I
can get the just some of the meaning. However there is a short English
translation below each one.

The one for Pottery says: "The Potter treads the clay (mixed with hair) and
puts it on his wheel, which he drives with his foot. The shaped pieces
(jars, pots, tiles) are glazed, painted, and fired; the art was invented by

About the woodcuts- the introduction mentions that they were taken from an
earlier French edition, but does not give the artist's or author's names.

Ann Brink in Lompoc CA