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american ceramic exhibition in latvia (long)

updated mon 4 apr 05


Barbara Brown on sun 3 apr 05

I got a very interesting email from Latvia Sat from Dace Lavina, head of =
the ceramic dept, Museum of Decorative Applied Arts, Riga, Latvia.
She asked me to help her contact the 25 participants of a ceramic symposi=
um held at Dzintari in Latvia in the fall of 1991. There is to an exhibi=
tion of the ceramics the members of the symposium made and donated to the=
museum. In early May President Bush will be visiting Latvia and the exh=
ibition could be opened by Laura Bush.
Dace need cv's and images of work by the 25 artists to go with the work a=
lready donated to the museum in 1991.
I was able to contact participants Tom Kerrigan, Doug Baldwin, Aurora Cha=
bot, Maurice Grossman, Greg Worthington, Nancy Selvage, Nancy Franklin, J=
oe Bennion, Vern Funk, Bruce Howdell, Dick Hay and Dennis Parks thanks to=
the NCECA directory with emails and phone numbers.
If anyone has contact with Paula Rice, Don Bendel, Dan Boone, Ellen Tibbe=
ts, George Pearlman, Norman Pope, Warren Mather, Rolph Westphal, Richard =
Spiller, Frank Boyden, Janina Hess, Mike Prepsky, Martin Holdt, Mary Jo B=
ole, Georgette Zerbis or Randall Schmidt please have them contact me by p=
hone or email.
The story:
In 1989 Dennis Parks arranged a tour to visit ceramic artists in Moscow a=
nd St Petersberg, Russia, Riga, Latvia and Tallin, Estonia. In spring of=
1991 13 ceramic artists that we had visited were invited to come to the =
USA to give workshops and attend NCECA Tempe, Ariz. I arranged a worksho=
p for Vladimir Gorislavsev at De Anza College and Nancy Franklin arranged=
one for him in southern Ca. The 25 people who helped host and arrange w=
orkshops were invited to participate in a ceramic symposium in Dzintari, =
Latvia for 6 weeks in the fall of 1991. Since many were teachers and cou=
ldn't be away that long, the group was divided into 2 groups working for =
3 weeks each. I was in the 2nd group working from Oct 26-Nov 18th. We ma=
de pieces, bisqued them, glazed them and had a show of the work which was=
then donated to the Museum of Decorative Applied Arts in Riga. I shared=
a studio with Doug Baldwin. I made 2 water basins and a bowl.. Gave 1 =
waterbasin and the bowl to the museum and brought a small water basin hom=
e as a memory piece. The ceramic artists we met on the first trip (89) al=
so came and worked with us at Dzintari.
The symposium was arranged by Latvian ceramic artist, Peteris Martinson. =

I plan to attend the IAC meeting in Latvia in 2006 and will look forward =
seeing a lot of old friends.
I guess I will have to watch the Bush visit to Latvia on tv in hopes of s=
eeing something mentioned about the exhibition.

Barbara Brown
1225 Manzano Way
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089
We were in Latvia at an exciting time