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the art stream trailer ... thinking outside the doublewide....

updated sun 3 apr 05


Christie Lucero on fri 1 apr 05

I just received my Simon Levine pitcher yesterday. Purchased it in the =
"what a great idea" Artstream Gallery. I can't praise Allegheny Meadows =
and the other potters who designed and devised this traveling gallery. =
it's the perfect "mountain comes to Mohammad" concept (Do I have that =
saying backwards?) We all are aware that art pottery usually sells at =
the speed of continental drift, but pots were flying out of the trailer. =
Good pots! I've never seen such a feeding frenzy for art! As for my two =
pieces from Simon Levine, I could take them outside and place them among =
the basalt boulders on the side of our mesa, and they'd appear to have =
grown in place. the other little piece I bought, a shot glass, couldn't =
have taken a minute to throw... but the deep throwing marks, the organic =
untrimmed foot, and above all a shino that loioks almost micacious in =
its shimmer, make it perfection with Glennlivet..
So so glad to have seen and broken meatloaf with you all, I look forward =
to next year.

Christie Lucero
Snowlion Fine Arts
Coyote Creek, NM