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fwd: diary of our trip 3/27/05

updated sun 3 apr 05


Eleanora Eden on sat 2 apr 05

>Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 07:30:47 -0500
>Easter Sunday, Mobile, AL
>It was raining so hard yesterday afternoon that we called everything
>off and camped out at WalMart after doing laundry at TA, the big
>truckstop chain that has laundry and showers. WalMart lot was full
>of trucks and Rvs that had decided the same thing.
>Visited the Ohr museum, very impressive building they have under
>way. His pots were as I thought, I just had not quite understood
>the self-promotion thing he had going. Later in life he contributed
>floats to the local mardi gras parade featuring himself as Christ on
>the cross with written diatribes against local lawyers who had
>wronged him. Whoa.
>The real eye-opener was the Walter Anderson museum in Ocean Springs.
>Kind of an art nouveau William Blake without all the darkness.
>Amazing. Very moving.
>Why wasn't this guy doing murals all over public buildings? Some
>were planned but not carried through to completion. Our loss.