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any "golden tips" for san francisco area ? any "golden tips" for san

updated sun 3 apr 05


Patricia Dailey on sat 2 apr 05

Francisco area ?


I live in the Half Moon Bay, between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The coastline is beautiful
driving down Highway I south of San Francisco. I would start at the Great Highway at the end of
the Golden Gate Park, and drive down. If you stop in Half Moon Bay there are a number of great
galleries, but the Coastal Arts League has ceramics by local potters ( I'm one). In Davenport there's
a couple of great glass makers. Stop at the local Cafe for a snack or lunch and ask for directions.
In Santa Cruz the wharf and the beach and the boardwalk are main attractions. If you have kids
with you the Boardwalk will be a hit, not only with the rides but the hugh arcade, all along the
beach and wharf area.

For San Francisco, beside the usual Golden Gate, Fisherman's Wharf, tourist stuff, I really like the
Legion of Honor and the Asian Arts Museum. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is also
very interesting. They all have free days once per month, but I wouldn't count on it if your in town
for a short while. For the beauty of gardens, the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park is a
must see. The garden, the fish, the wandering paths and bridges are wonderful. Bring a camera!
They also have a small tea house and serve tea for a fairly small price with Japanese cookies and
crackers. They also have a very trashy tourist gift shop that's loads of fun and a great contrast to
the serene beauty of the garden.

If you're into nature the Muir Woods north of San Francisco in Marin County is a wonderful spot.
Great for kids because they can run around, and great for adults because it's so beautiful to see
the Redwoods in their natural state. (Not carved out with cars going through the inside.) If you
have time and energy you can even hike down to the ocean on the other side of the woods.

This is basically my tour guide for friends and family from out of town. Hope this helps.
Patricia Dailey