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the artistry of craftsmanship by the true professional (was: where

updated fri 1 apr 05


The Chapel of Art on thu 31 mar 05

is Jimmy Hoffa?)

I haven't a clue who Jimmy Hoffa may be/have
been, but Lee's comment brought me back to
thinking about my current dental surgeon, the one
who repaired what was previously destroyed by no
less than three of her senior, male colleagues. I
am now sufficiently patched and ready to be sent
back to The Boys for their ministrations and
"finishing touches". Needless to say I am not
enamoured of this prospect, but that is the
system here...

I just wanted to say, that in the ten long years
this has been going on, I have had countless
operations both with and without full anaesthesia
and in all that time, it was the one who showed a
lively interest in and respect for the tools of
the trade, a complete knowledge of the materials
being used and the high-tech developments which
have made them available, who not only earned my
eternal thanks but also my utmost respect. She
was also the one who spent several minutes
telling a young intern about the minute
differences in bevels on the screws available &
suitable and the precise oddities associated with
a ratchet screwdriver being used at one point.
Her delight in simply handling a simple tool rang
in her voice and yet she was as gentle as a lamb,
so even those injections right into the roof of
my mouth were relatively painless. Indeed, she
caused less pain and discomfort doing some pretty
intrusive surgery than others who did something
really minor, like taking out stitches!

That woman is an absolute artist. And IMHO her
artistry is only achieved through complete
control and total dedication to craftsmanship.
Respect for tools and materials is the first sign
of superior crafts skills in a person, and they
will be followed by artistry as naturally as
night follows day...

It follows right across the board... One of the
best and most professional artists to exhibit at
The CoA absolutely delighted in the preparation
of a new canvas and could positively wax poetical
about the joy of painting onto a virgin surface
whilst feeling the resistant springiness of the
canvas... Again. The complete affinity with the
tools of his trade is a irreplaceable factor

Then there is clay... Again, although it is not
absolutely necessary to do everything from re
constituting clay to making one`s own tools, the
wider the "personal palette" of accomplishments
and skills the more it reflects the mastery that
has been accumulated. It nearly always (there are
exceptions) correlates directly with the maker`s
competence and complete mastery of their chosen

It saddens me to read that Damien "Shark in
Formaldehyde" Hirst has just sold all 29
paintings for 11 million pounds to collectors in
New York, but only added finishing touches to the
work which was copied from postcards and painted
by others . He even said that it was very old
fashioned to expect an artist to do their own
work!!! Now that fair put me off my breakfast!!


Janet Kaiser -- now betting even money on a
summer at least equivalent to 1976...

*** From: Lee Love
>The surgeons I know enjoy the creativity of
>broken bodies and doing work that helps people.

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