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salt licorice n' stuff

updated fri 1 apr 05


primalmommy on wed 30 mar 05

Salt licorice: Vince, the first time I tried one it made my hair stand
straight up. Yow! Like a cross between a black jelly bean, rock salt,
and a wad of red man chewing tobacco.

But they kind of grow on you. By the time I was down to my last few in
the bottom of Russel's (maiolica!) cup, I was rationing them, knowing I
wouldn't be getting any more any time soon. The box I had said "LAKEROL
Salmiak ...Makes people talk!" which, being the quiet little thing I am,
seemed important.. Plus every time I had one it made me think of Alisa,
with her intense eyes and her aura of smarts, confidence and caring...
(I wish we had spent more time together! NCECA was too brief a glimpse
of too many friends.)

If you don't want the ones I sent you, save them for me! -- I'll be
coming to ACC/Tennessee for Josh DeWeese's workshop this summer. I just
got some of that "artist's welfare" in the form of a Franklin
scholarship -- thanks to good digitals, and to Tony for writing me a
letter of recommendation that made me sound like Lucie Rie on whole
wheat toast. (Then I go and poke him on clayart...what a happy ingrate I

I don't feel the least bit sorry for you, anyway, Vince. First, you have
seen clayart room and NCECA pix when the rest of us haven't had a peek
yet. And you are going to have a great weekend with the amazing Hank and
Captain Mark, and David who is a legend to my Molly, "the guy who just
whipped this cup out of his pocket and gave it to you."

But the Ohio sun is brighter every day, and I am already looking ahead
to summer clay adventures. Josh De Weese! Plus I am going to visit Marta
the week of our birthdays in June to help build a nice brick birthday
cake with one blazing candle on top...

Off to check the Amtrak rates to Minnesota...
Kelly in Ohio (Averill Savino... or just plain Savino.. despite creative
spellings by Joyce and mel and Vince and Stephani and other beloved

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