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kiln plans for mft/kurt's kiln - important

updated fri 1 apr 05


Kurt Wild on thu 31 mar 05

My kiln and similar kilns Mel has built are adaptations of Nils Lou's
original MFT. Because of that, in the PMI Kiln Plans we have suggested
"that you obtain a copy of The Art of Firing by Nils Lou". The theory
behind the double venturi flue is fully explained and photos of it are
included there.

In recent days, having received a number of questions regarding our article
and the plans for my kiln, I've felt that I can't
re-emphasize enough the value of obtaining a copy of Nils' book. It offers
a "wealth of information on building and firing kilns" and is the perfect
companion to our plans.

The book is available for Axner Pottery Supply on line at
I have no financial connection with Nils' book or Axner.