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firing schedule for floating blue

updated sat 2 apr 05


Judy Musicant on thu 31 mar 05

Marilu, I don't know that the firing schedule for Fl. Blue needs to be =
particularly fast on the way up. Although, having said that, I don't =
think that glaze likes a long soak. It's the fast cooling that is more =
important. Also, I have found that it is more of a cone 5 than a cone 6 =
glaze. At cone 6 or above, I have found Fl. Blue to become a greyish =
green. If you got an ugly brown, it sounds like your application was =
too thin. You need either one quite thick coat, or two dips. =20

I also have a digital controller, but I always use witness cones to know =
when to stop the kiln. I raise a cone pack with a cone 5 and 6 onto a =
kiln post placed in the middle - perhaps a bit more toward the back of =
the kiln- on the top shelf, making sure I leave a space between pots to =
see thru to it. The front edge of the cone pack has to be at the front =
edge of the kiln post. When the cone 5 is bent all the way over the =
kiln post and the point is curled back and just about touching the post, =
and the cone 6 is at about 11 o'clock, I just stop the kiln. The last =
couple of hours, I set the temperature to increase by 120 deg. F. I =
have fiddled with slowing the very end down so that the temperature rise =
stops when the cone 5 is almost half way down, and the temperature is =
maintained until the cone is all the way down. This results in a short =
15 or 20 minute soak. I don't know that this makes a difference in this =
glaze. My total glaze firing schedule takes about 8 1/2 to 9 hours.

Perhaps John Rodgers can weigh in here. He is a Floating Blue guru. =20

Hope this helps.

Judy Musicant

Earth and Fire Pottery on fri 1 apr 05

Hi Judy-

Here's what I do. Elec. kiln. Low for two hours,
med. for two hours, high till it hits cone 5 and crash cool.
Two coats on cone 06 bisque. Works everytime. gregg

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