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great deal on large plate setters

updated tue 29 mar 05


Paul B on wed 30 mar 05

In Mount Vernon, TX there is a clay supply place in a building that used to
be a plate factory (i think) and the the guy, Gary, has thousands of plate
setters than can fire 14" plates. They are used but in great shape with
barely any warpeage at all. A friend of mine bought some and i borrowed
them for a firing. The cost is $100.48 per dozen, which INCLUDES shipping.
At least that's what it cost to ship to KY, perhaps the west coast would
cost a bit more but not much. If you buy less than a dozen the individual
price would also be a bit more. His # is 903-577-4869.
This is a sweet deal, just the shipping and "handling" fee would cost that
much from baily or whatever.