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woo hoo! redware show!

updated sun 27 mar 05


Kate Johnson on sat 26 mar 05

I am really excited, and I wanted to THANK all of you--there are too many to
name, but you know who you are!! All your help, encouragement, advice,
shared exploration and commiseration has been invaluable!

Here's what happened--the owner of the gallery that handles my paintings and
sculpture just happened to poke through my online Yahoo album (because I
just happened to include her in my email announcement, heh) and wrote to ask
if I had enough "on hand" for a show. Er....driving me out of house and
home, here??

She wanted to see some things in person, so I packed a large basket full of
a variety of pieces and took them to show her a while ago, and she LOVED
them. From the very functional stuff to the I may get to
reclaim my kitchen cabinet, which has been taken over by redware storage at
the moment.

SO, thank you, all, again, and I'm delighted I have new things in the kiln
this weekend. I haven't been this pumped since I was a young artist
just starting out...

Kate Johnson

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