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weirdest sale i ever made

updated mon 28 mar 05


Gary Navarre on sun 27 mar 05

Hay Crew,
A while back a friend in another group was saying he was having a hard
time with Viet Nam images and I did my best to comfort even though I was
a draft dodger. Ya see, we have a potentially fatal common denominator
that negates those issues. I didn't think I would be having '60's
flashbacks myself, not having been through what happened to him. But
wouldn't ya know it, I set down to apply for a job at Home Depot's kiosk
and right there is their veterans preference literature. Then all my
persecution came back. I must have obsessed about that for three weeks.
But what do you think, in the midst of all that my friend, knowing the
bind I've been in, hands me a bit of cash and says he wants a pot.
Whatever I pick, old or one of the new ones, if I ever get the new kiln
going. I guess that just goes to prove there is some compassion left in
the world among those who's lives depend on letting go of resentments.
Peace, Y'all, and stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA