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the future of pottery, now buck nekkid

updated sat 26 mar 05


Stephani Stephenson on fri 25 mar 05

reading your post and the one before
it occurs to me that the emperor is not the only one....

i.e. we are all pretty much buck nekkid
from the get go

nothing makes you feel so much so
as venturing out into the marketplace,
the arena of life, the avenue before you
even so , you have everything you need

the avenue, we'll call it Clay street
if we are all walking down Clay street, in our various ways
it can be intimidating
most of us will try wearing our pots , our tiles, our
accomplishments, our possessions, our relationships
and , in fact , I can speak to the joy in occasional costuming

but in the end it is just you and the avenue
you , your trust, your courage, your wits, your determination, your
stamina, your acceptance, your joy,

The emperor doesn't own the avenue, never did.
if some of us who have typically travelled the backroads and trails
find ourselves in the town square for a time,
it helps to know
that everyone else is buck nekkid too.

Stephani Stephenson

travelling this odd life with clay as a companion the last 25 years
has been more like navigating a changing river, than strutting or
sauntering down an avenue , I must admit.
I've run aground, got caught in backwaters, shot rapids, rowed like
hell, then rowed slow for a long time. used an assortment of
paddles, changed vessels, found myself in unfamiliar waters.
The river keeps moving , and fortunately you do have the ability to
improve your navigation skills!
I have found that I am now occasionally able to let it move me, as I
learn to move with it,
with regard to the marketplace and life, the river changes, it always
does , it always will.