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pricing: longish

updated sat 26 mar 05


Jeff Brown on thu 24 mar 05

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 17:16:56 -0800, Rikki Gill wrote:

>This last holiday sale I threw caution to the winds.

>I was offering my shino pieces for the first time,
>I think that what I want to say is that we shouldn't become afraid to do
>new work, and to charge what it is worth. That is what sells. For years I
>heard that Shino doesn't sell. It does now. The public is growing up.

What's up with this myth about Shino.....I have heard the same things, but
my customers all love Shino..."It's so smooth and buttery" problem
here selling Shino... from the first time I used it. I even use Shino as a
liner glaze on most of my pots, even the "Cobalt Blues".

......And by all means we must price our pots for what they are worth....My
mechanic charges $80.00 per parts....and he never has a '20%
Off Sale' or a seconds bin.

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