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pricing paradox

updated sun 27 mar 05


Lee Love on sat 26 mar 05

Anne McGill wrote:

>It seems to me that Mr. Jacobson has more than proven his theory of Pricing Paradox with his comment about Mr. MacKenzie. At no time has Mr. Jacobson suggested that Mr. MacKenzie
You start saying these all these "Misters", and I don't know
whether to duck from the water spray or look around and see who entered
the room. Like David says, "We're all Bozos on the bus." Some of
us just seem to think we got bigger clown shoes than others. ;-)

>It does seem however, that you believe you must always explain any post written about Mr. MacKenzie, and that your reasoning is always correct.
There is so much MacKenzie has done for our craft,.
especially in the MidWest. I don't believe he gets the respect he
deserves. If I were making a list under the following heading, "my
life is changed by serious potters and clay people", I certainly would
list Warren MacKenzie, in the first spot actually. It is short sighted
to primarily bring him up as a comparison to your pricing .

Anne, would you like to talk about any specifics about
MacKenzie? Or, about pricing? You want to hear about the potter
who came to Japan and jacket his prices up by four times and then
wondered why he didn't sell? I am more than ready to speak with you
about actual issues.

I am taking a trip with friends tomorrow, to the Okakura Tenshin Museum. He is the person who wrote The Book of Tea. He is important, in a similar way as Yanagi and Hamada, in protecting local/traditional culture. You can read about the museum here:

Jean visited the museum with our woodblock teacher on a club trip a couple years ago. She says the shore reminds her of the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.


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